Aktobe regional museum of local history

Location: Oraz Tateuly str., 3;
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Coordinates: 50.276935, 57.139599

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Aktobe regional museum of local history owes its appearance to a traveling exhibition dedicated to the history of the region, organized in 1929 on the initiative of local historians. Thanks to the efforts of caring people, the first years functioned as a small school museum, later transformed into a "Local history museum", "District museum of local history". Today, the Aktobe regional museum of local history is one of the largest research, educational, cultural and leisure institutions of the Aktobe region.

On November 14, 2018, new Museum with total area of 4360.4 sq. m. oficially opened it's doors. The new museum has ten exhibitional halls, workshops, a scientific library, storage rooms for the Fund's exhibits, creative rooms, etc. Large-scale LED screens, an interactive virtual book, multimedia equipment, a virtual holographic complex, information kiosks and other technological innovations were launched in the exhibition halls.