The «Eset Kokiuly» memorial complex

Location: Alga district
Coordinates: 50.046297, 57.400670
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The mausoleum and necropolis of Tarkhan Yeset Kokiuly are located in the village of Bestamak in Alga district of the Aktobe region.
The monument of historical and cultural heritage is a tribute to the defender of the homeland nicknamed by the people "Yeset Batyr". An active participant in the fight against the dzungars and volga kalmyks, one of the close associates of Khan Abilkayyr.
The mausoleum was built in 1992, as part of the celebration of the 325th anniversary of Yeset Batyr. The mausoleum was built of pink seashell brought from Mangystau. The height of the mausoleum is 11 meters, the width is 5 meters. The architectural appearance of the mausoleum resembles a yurt, so that a traveler passing through these places can see it from afar. The author of the mausoleum is T. Dzhanysbekov. There is also a museum and a hotel for pilgrims at the mausoleum.