The «Accum» sands

Location: Baiganin district
Coordinates: 48.218301, 55.698665
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Akkum (kaz. ақ - white, құм - sand) is a sandy valley located on the right bank of the Sagyz River in Altai Batyr village of Bayganin district. Length 40 km, width 15 km. Here the sands are fine-grained, loose, little affected by the soil-forming process. The vegetation cover of wormwood-feather grass, represented by complexes of desert subshrubs (tamarisk, juzgun), there are also thickets of saxaul. From the animal world there are represented the brown hare, korsak, the bobcat, the barkhan cat, the small lark, the desert wheatear, the gerbil, the spotted toadhead agama, the steppe agama, dwarf sand boa.