"Orkash" nature reserve

Location: Mugalzhar district
Coordinates: 49.296757, 58.136044
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A real botanical paradise is spread out in the Mugalzhar district. The kingdom of dozens of species of rare birds and plants, including those listed in the Red Book. For a typical local landscape, everything is unusual here – a forest in the middle of a steppe of birches, aspens and willows, hawthorn and rosehip bushes, and an incredible variety of grasses. An incredible number of birds have settled in the "Orkash" Nature Reserve, including black kite, buzzard, long-legged buzzard, steppe eagle, eastern imperia eagle, swamp, steppe, meadow harrier and kestrel. Not far from the forest is located another incredible place – a composition of stone boulder embedded in the ground, and reaching a height of two meters.