The «Wolf» waterfall

Location: Kargaly district
Coordinates: 50.872589, 58.287661
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The "Wolf" waterfall is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Aktobe region, located at a distance of 120 km. from the Aktobe city.
Located in a picturesque valley among mountain rocks, hills, forests and lakes, it is located in the heart of the Kargaly district. The waterfall was created by men in the 70s of the last century, when it was decided to build a special course of water from the Great Aschelisai Sea or GAS in the valley of the Ebita River, in other words, to create an artificial drain of water from melting glaciers. The Ebita River, by the way, then flows into the Urals.
"Wolf" waterfall recieved it's name after legends that appeared later. According to one of them, every night a she-wolf comes to the valley of the river, where her littl epuppies were washed away by the rapid flow of the waterfall. Some travelers admitted to have heard from afar the sad howl of the wolf.
The second name of the waterfall is Aschelisaysky. This is because it can only be discovered by reaching a village called Aschelisai (formerly Grigoryevka).
The waterfall can be seen in all its glory only in spring, when glaciers melt on the peaks of the Badamshinsko-Alimbetovsky plateau. That is why the water in the spring is so icy that it cramps legs joints. It is possible to cool down in such water only for a moment. But you can admire the extraordinary beauty and absorb the coolness of the waterfall into your lungs as much as your heart desires. And walking to it after a long journey and a highway is an exceptional pleasure. Tourists pass it under the shady embrace of green groves of alder and birch.
The best time to visit the waterfall is from the end of April to the end of June, then the waterfall dries up. There is not much time for water flowing, but it encourages tourists not to postpone the trip for a pleasant adventure.