«Mute» village

Location: Kargaly district
Coordinates: 50.908754, 58.321778
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The archaeological monument, known as Mute Village, is a favorite place of tourists who appreciate the enjoyment of natural beauty. A beautiful view of the Aschelisai Sea, steep cliffs, the possibility of swimming and fishing make Mute village a wonderful place to spend time and relax. There are several legends about the origin of the name of this place. According to one of them, an unknown Seer lived there. People came to him with questions, but the Seers vision's were passed to them by a woman. And so the name "Mute village" was given as everything was quiet and absent unnecessary conversations. According to another version, once upon a time, due to the lack of conditions necessary for a full-fledged life, all locals massively left the village, except for one shepherd named Ratai. He was mute from birth, but his act without words became proof of love for his native land. In honor of him, the place was named "Mute".