«Ice» dairy company

Adress: Gastello str., 2а
Opening hours: Weekdays 9:00 - 18:00
Phone: +7 (7132) 40 74 24
+7 705 422 70 06
+7 (7132) 40 74 92
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"Ice" dairy company is an enterprise that specializes in milk processing. The company was registered in July 1999.
The number of employees of the "Ice" dairy company is about 110 people. The land fund of the enterprise is about 10,5 thousand hectares.

"Ice" dairy company is the only producer and processor of milk in the Aktobe region with a closed production cycle "from farm to counter".

Areas of activity of the enterprise:

  • milk processing;
  • manufacture of dairy products;
  • cattle breeding;
  • cultivation of grain and leguminous crops;
  • cultivation of fodder crops;
  • wholesale of dairy products.

"Ice" dairy company produces sterilized dairy products, pasteurized and melted milk, ice cream, fermented milk products, including those enriched with bifidobacteria.