The Kargaly water reservoir

Location: Kargaly district
Coordinates: 50.626832, 57.783706
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The picturesque coastal zone of the Kargaly water reservoir, located in a valley between the mountains, attracts with its unique beauty and the spirit of harmony. The wonderful coastal zone of this unique artificial sea each year attracts more and more of those who want to relax and enjoy unity with nature. The Kargaly water reservoir is located along the Kargaly riverbed, 60 km away from the Aktobe city. It was put into operation in 1975 for irrigation of agricultural land. The actual capacity of the reservoir reaches 500-600 million cubic meters of water. The maximum depth reaches 31.8 m . The mirror area is 28.5 sq. km.
At the moment, on the shore of Kargaly reservoir building of recreation area named Qargaly Eco Resort  is in process.