Kazakh national cuisine cafe «Zhas Otau»

Addresses and phone numbers:
First location: A. Moldagulova Ave, 12;
8 (778) 641 00 77, 8 (7132) 56 57 31;
Second location: Makarenko str., 1;
8 (778) 643 00 77, 8 (7132) 55 06 57;
Opening hours: Daily 11:00-22:00;
Average check: 3000-4000 tenge.

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A cozy place where you can taste delicious dishes of Kazakh national cuisine. In the cafe, you can book cozy individual booths decorated in the Kazakh national style. The menu includes: Beshbarmak (meat in Kazakh): beef, horse meat; beef and lamb Quirdak; cold appetizers: Kazy and Karta; Baursaks and homemade Sour cream. National drinks: Shubat, Ayran, Kumys. For tea: Zhent, Chak-chak, Sweet Cryspies, Kurt, Tary-talkan, Yellow Sweet (boiled sugar).

Cuisine: Kazakh