"Grande Vita" Italian restaurant


10:00-00:00 Mon-Sun

10:00-02:00 Fri-Sat

Address: Sankibay Batyr Ave. 130B

Average bill: 7000-8000 tenge

Instagram: grande_vita_aktobe

Welcome to Grande Vita (grill & wine) - a place where Italian cuisine comes to life, bringing with it the atmosphere of the Big or Great Life!

Our chefs lovingly create unique dishes, full of taste and aroma, to satisfy the most sophisticated gourmets. At Grande Vita, we offer not only food, but also a real experience filled with the passion of Italian cooking.

A wide choice of signature dishes and drinks awaits you every day. Our lounge, common veranda and VIP room create the ideal place to meet with family, friends or business partners. In the VIP room you can enjoy the privacy of up to 22 people, creating impressive moments and communication.

Immerse yourself in the warm and friendly atmosphere of Grande Vita, where every visit becomes an integral part of your Big Life. And on weekends, add a touch of fun with live music to make your evening unique.

Choose Grande Vita – choose Great Life and taste of Italy right here!