«Angel-in-us Coffee» Cafe

Address: Abilkayyr khan Ave., 52a
Timetable: Daily, from 08:00 to 01:00
Phone number: +7 747 259 93 66
+7 707 147 23 23
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The average bill: 4000 tg.

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The «Angel-in-us Coffee» chain is one of the largest and fastest growing coffee shops in Southeast Asia, including over 800 coffee shops.
In 2000, the cafe chain was launched by LOTTE GRS, which is the daughter of the largest South Korean conglomerate LOTTE GROUP, founded in 1967 in Seoul and uniting more than 60 companies of various directions.
The Angel-in-us Coffee chain got its current name during the 2006 rebranding.

The first coffee shop of the «Angel-in-us Coffee» chain in Kazakhstan officially opened in april 10, 2015. At the moment, there are 6 cafes operating in Kazakhstan in the cities of Astana, Almaty and Atyrau. The project is being implemented as part of a strategic partnership with LOTTE GRS and MK CORPORATION in the field of restaurant business.

Cuisine: european, asian.