Bylshik bi mausoleum

Location: Aktobe region, Aitekebi district, 10 km west of the Karabutak village.

Research: There are no written sources remained about Bylshyk bi. Verbal stories can be collected about him and left to future generations.

Brief description: The mausoleum is 9 meters high. The upper part is in the form of a dome. Inside the mausoleum there is a bust of Bylshyk bi. The mausoleum is surrounded by a fence of 1 meter in height. The width of the fence is 15 meters and its length is 25 meters.

Legend: The name to Bylshyk bi was given at birth as Kutayak. Bylshyk bi was a man, who knew the Kazakh genealogy and traditions of the Great Steppe government perfectly. Traditional fairs and large gatherings were not held and no disputes were resolved without Bylshyk bi. Bylshyk bi at Baigabyl and Orman commemoration used to solve disputes. In 1886, Orenburg Governor General Lev Balyuzek said about 28-year-old Bylshyk bi: “Well-known national Sage”.

He was born in Aksuat, Araltobe aul of Aitekebi district in 1859. His grandfather Abdibai was a wealthy man. His father Seyit was at his time a friend of the batyr Esset Kotibarula.

He was one of the most rightful beis, providing fair judgment and was respected by the people in resolving the five most controversial issues regarding land, widowhood, payment for damages, livestock and honor.

Bylshyk Seyituly was a famous bi, spokesman, saint, noble personality, whose fame was widely known, and who solved disputes justly.

He was a person, who was for many people a defender, who helped the defenseless, who adhered to justice and sanity, was arrested in 1928 as a public enemy and died in 1933 in Aktobe prison.

He was a man who in the minds of the Kazakh people will remain as an example of humanity, prudence and virtue.