Aktobe regional planetarium

Adress: Zhankozha batyr ave., 50а
Opening hours: Mon - Fri 09:00-17:30
Sat - Sun 10:00-16:00
Phone: +7 (7132) 40 42 14
+7 (7132) 21 13 22
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Among the sights of the city, a special place is occupied by the Aktobe regional planetarium, the first stationary planetarium in Kazakhstan. It was founded in January 1967 and since then it has been visited by more than a million children and adults.
The Planetarium apparatus installed in the star hall allows you to see about two thousand stars of the northern celestial hemisphere on the dome. In addition, with the help of several projection devices, various effects are demonstrated – sunset and sunrise, northern lights, eclipses, etc. All demonstrations are accompanied by interesting and informative lectures. The diameter of the star hall is 8 m, the height in the center is about 10 m, the capacity of the hall is 50 people.
In the foyer of the planetarium, visitors are presented panoramas of the Solar System, the planet Mars, a map of the starry sky and a cosmonautics corner.

Drawing contests, astronomical olympiads and conferences, poetry contests on cosmonautics, themed evenings and meetings with interesting people are held on the basis of the planetarium, and also works the "Urker" astronomical sction. And also, on request, you can make astronomical observations with a telescope for interesting astronomical phenomena and objects with a trip outside the city.