It is impossible not to fall in love with this beauty, created by nature and man! A breathtaking view of the expanse of the watery surface of the sea will not leave anyone indifferent!
Sor Asmantai-Matai is a huge area of ​​a difficult-to-reach solonchak in the southwestern part of the Aktobe region, located near the border with Uzbekistan in the southern Kazakhstan part of the Ustyurt plateau.
Здесь вас закопают в песок. И это вовсе не угроза, а лечебная процедура именуемая псаммотерапией.
The Ashelisai waterfall is one of the most beautiful places in the Aktobe region, located about 120 km. from Aktobe.
The real botanical paradise is located in the Mugalzhar district - it is the reserve "Orkash".
The incredible beauty of a place where rare animals, birds and fish, unique landscapes and plants listed in the Red Book are found is the Irgiz-Turgai state natural reserve.
A stunning green massif in the middle of the steppe on the territory of 15 hectares stretches in the Kobdinsky district - this is the Shokpar forest.
The edge of crystal lakes, relic ferns, coniferous and pine forests, birch-aspen groves, rare plant species, birds and huge anthills - all this is Martuk.
The picturesque coastal zone of the Kargalinsky water reservoir, located in the depression between the mountains, attracts with its unique beauty and spirit of harmony.
In 40 km. south of Irgiz is a unique place - a meteorite crater "Zhamanshin".
Aydarliasha is not only a natural monument, but also a unique geological object that allows one to look deep into antiquity for many centuries.
Complex of chalk mountains "Akshatau" ("Silver Mountains").The unique Silver Mountains stretch for 20 km. from north to south along the right bank of the river Will.
An incredible landscape of bizarre forms of snow-white rocks stretched out near the border of the Aktyubinsk and Guryev regions, on the right bank of the Emba River.
Mountain Akbota-Sankibai is located in 150 km. from the village of Baiganin or 45 km. from the sands of Miyala.
Unusual natural monument Uytas is located a few kilometers from the village.

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