One of the most important episodes of celebrating the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate in Aktobe in 2015 was the opening of a monument to the great commander of the Aktyubinsk land Tleu batyr.
In the center of the city on a towering hill there is a monument to the Khan of the Younger Zhuz, an outstanding figure, a commander, a diplomat - Abulkhair Khan. The majestic monument was opened in 2000 and became one of the favorite sights of citizens and guests of Aktobe.
Dombra high with a two-story building appeared in Aktobe in 2016 to mark the 147th anniversary of the city. The six-meter musical instrument is entirely made of iron and covered with lithium.
The uniqueness of the monument to the heroes of the trilogy of Abdizhamil Nurpeisov "Blood and Sweat" is that this is the first sculpture in the country dedicated to the characters of the literary work.
The memorial complex named after Ahmet Zhubanov was opened in 2006 to the 100th anniversary of the great Kazakh composer. The monument is located opposite the regional philharmonic society, which bears the name of the daughter and pupil of the composer - Gaziza Zhubanova.
The memorial complex was opened in 2005 to the 80th anniversary of the birth of Hero of the Soviet Union Aliya Moldagulova.
One of the most famous monuments of the Aktobe is the Obelisk of the Glory to the fallen Aktobe residents for their Motherland during the Great Patriotic War. The monument was erected in the 1970s and this day it was managed to change its location and underwent capital reconstruction.
Opened on the eve of Victory Day in May 1990 in Shalkar. They will be raised in honor of the memory of active fighters for the establishment of Soviet power.
Monument of Shyganak Bersiyev established in 1946 in the city park named after Pushkin in the city of Aktobe.
A monument to the Kazakh Nostradamus Monke bi was erected on one of the central streets of Aktobe. An outstanding speaker, akyn, thinker and prophet was one of the advisers of Abulkhair Khan.
On the avenue Abulkhair khan in Aktobe, a monument to Nurpeis Bayganin, a deserved figure in the arts, a Kazakh akyn. His name has become a part of history.
April 22, 1983 in the main square of the city in front of the House of Soviets (now akimat Aktobe region) with great fanfare was opened a monument of Vladimir Lenin.
Ibrai (Ibrahim) Altynsarin (1841 - 1889) is an outstanding Kazakh educator, an innovator and organizer of new schools, an ethnographer, folklorist, poet, prose writer, translator. Altynsarin is a prominent representative of the Kazakh education, a teacher, public figure in the field of school education.

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