Recreation centers

Those who want to relax with comfort, on the picturesque bank of the Kargala River meets the recreation center Green Land.
The territory of the recreation center "Tau" is perfect for a family holiday. Fresh air, rustle of green leaves and quiet splashes of the river - the perfect combination for relaxation and getting a charge of new forces
Провести время с семьей, отдохнуть с друзьями, посвятить время только себе – все это возможно на базе отдыха «Береке».
The place for receiving positive emotions is the recreation center "Solnechniy"!
The hotel and restaurant complex of Halva Resort will be a wonderful place to relax with your family and friends.
Rest at any time of year in the favorite place of the townspeople is a recreation center "Under the bridge".
Recreation center "Neftyanik" is attractive not only for fresh air, but also for a good location in a hilly area that allows to organize an excellent winter vacation.

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