Sightseeing tour around the city of Aktobe, organizer of the State Institution "Entrepreneurship management of the Aktobe region".
- "Arayly Aktobe" - "Aktobe - kyeli, kutty meken" - «Аktobe-batyrlar mekeni» - «Architectural monuments of Aktobe» - «Interior decoration of a yurt»
Conducted excursions: around the city for the following categories: children, youth, city guests, intellectuals, veterans.
.- City tour of Aktobe, organizer of SE "Entrepreneurship management of Aktobe region" - Excursion around Kargalinsky district, organizer of "QAZAQTOURISM" LLP - Excursion around Khobdinsky district, organizer of "QAZAQTOURISM" LLP
Thematic tour around the city of Aktobe "Night city - Aktobe" Military-thematic excursion around the city of Aktobe "Batyrlar-el korgany!" Tourist route in Kargalinsky district "Door to Aktobe Switzerland" Tourist route in Kobdinsky district "Path of Batyrs"

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